Get Consistent Quality with RENN Roller Mills, Hammer Mills, and Bagger Mills

RENN understands that in grain processing, the end result is everything.

Whether you feed 200 cow/calf pairs, 60,000 beef cattle, or 1,000 dairy cows, RENN’s durable Roller Mills, Hammer Mills (Grinders), and Bagger Mills offer a flexible design that delivers consistent, high-quality feed for any type or size of livestock operation. 


Maximize Productivity with 

RENN Roller Mills can be tailored to meet the needs of any dry or high-moisture grain processing application anywhere in the world. That’s because we offer such a wide range of features and options.

Our Roller Mills offer the choice of two different types of rolls – steel or cast, and multiple roll configurations that range from 4 to 15 grooves per square inch depending on the particle size required. RENN Roller Mills also offer a variety of input and discharge options, including our Elevator Discharge or Crimper Mill, Blower Discharge Mill, Conveyor Discharge Mill, Electric Roller Mill, and Auger Discharge Mill.


Save Time and Money with a

The unique design of the RENN Auxiliary Roller Mill offers the convenience of rolling and bagging in one operation for increased efficiency at harvest. Available with either tractor or self-contained hydraulics, the Auxiliary PTO Roller Mill can save farmers fuel, labour, and equipment costs. The RENN Auxiliary PTO Roller Mill can also be used as an independent PTO Roller Mill or in-line with other farm machinery, such as forage blowers.

Quality, Fine Grind with 

The RENN 22” diameter, full-circle Hammer Mill is extremely popular with dairy and commercial livestock operations because of its ability to process large volumes of high-moisture grain – achieving a very fine, consistent product (finer than 1,200 microns).

Roll AND Bag Grain with a 

Roll and bag high moisture grain at the same time with a RENN Bagger Mill.

Our Bagger Mill does it all. It offers the advanced grain rolling technology of RENN Roller Mills combined with the smooth, easy grain bag loading capabilities of a RENN Grain Bagger – all in one piece of equipment. Now that’s efficiency!

Contact RENN or one of our knowledgeable distributorsand let us help you choose the right options and specifications to provide you with a RENN Mill or Grain Storage System designed to match your needs.

 Equipment specifications subject to change without notice.