High Capacity Bunk Feeder With Exceptional Durability and Operational Simplicity


Jiffy Bunk Feeder Wagons offer durability and design simplicity. They reliably deliver forages or blended rations to your livestock in any season. Wall height is optimized for volume and ease of loading. Jiffy Bunk Feeder Wagons keep the feed flowing with minimal downtime, thanks to our signature hydraulically driven reduction gearbox with fewer belts, chains, and sprockets. The adjustable floor apron speed, offset spiral-design beaters, and extra-wide discharge ensure mixing starts effortlessly and unloading happens quickly.



  • Two models (355 or 445 cubic feet).
  • Signature Jiffy hydraulic drive and reduction gearbox with fewer chains, belts, and sprockets
  • Fully hydraulically driven - (no PTO)
  • Offset spiral-design beaters to optimize feed mix and start up.
  • Structurally engineered sidewall designed to reduce hang-up and prevent corrosion.
  • Adjustable floor apron speed.
  • 27" Wide Hydraulically Driven Slat Conveyor Discharge
  • Optional scale with large monitor on swivel arm for loading from either side.
 Model 355 455
Capacity (Cu. ft.)
357 ft3 459 ft3
Inside Box Length (ft.) 14' 18'
Inside Box Width (in.)
66" 66"
Overall width for transport and during feeding (in.) 100" 100"
Inside Box Depth (in.)
Overall Height (in.)
106" 106"
Loading Height (in.)
104" 104"
Discharge Height (in.) 40" to top
34" to bottom
 40" to top
34" to bottom
Weight (lbs.)
5320 7060
Cross Conveyor Width (in.)
27" 27"
Tires 285/65 R22.5 285/65 R22.5"
Hydraulic minimum (GPM)
15 15


 Equipment specifications subject to change without notice.