Solid, Durable Specialized Farm Equipment for Serious Forage Producers


Protect your farm equipment, improve productivity and help ensure higher quality hay with Jiffy’s unique Hayland Float. The Hayland Float easily levels molehills, humps and hollows that can lead to expensive repairs to haybines, discbines, balers and forage harvesters, costly livestock injuries and dirt in your hay or silage. At 125 pounds a foot and 35 feet in width, this solid, durable piece of machinery extends the life of hayland and pasture by repairing rodent damage. It’s easy to use alone or pull a roller or fertilizer spreader on its rear hitch.


  • Level your pastures, hay meadows, riding arenas and other areas.
  • Rid your land of molehills, humps and holes.
  • An economical way to prevent expensive repairs to haybines, discbines, balers and forage harvesters.
  • Level pastures to reduce livestock injuries.


Hayland Float/Molehill Leveler

Working Width 35' (10.7m)
Transport Width 12' (3.7m)
Weight 4,400 lbs (1995 kg)
Tires 11100 x 20
Hydraulic Cylinders 4



 Equipment specifications subject to change without notice.